Rick Hinson founded Hinson Investigations in 1991. He has over 10 years experience in law enforcement and criminal investigations, graduating from the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy in 1974. He has an associate degree in criminal justice. He graduated from Argenbright International Institute of Polygraph in 1984 and is an expert in the field of behavior analysis and body language. He has worked with insurance adjusters, SIU professionals and attorneys for over 20 years. With broad expertise the firm specializes in insurance fraud detection/prevention, behavior analysis and body language training, statement analysis, surveillance, polygraph examinations and background investigations.

We offer a complete range of services to the insurance industry, including development of professional training seminars. This reduces the company's exposure and protects the company's assets.

Let us demonstrate how we can provide your company with an honest and reliable service that will give your team the tools necessary to detect deceptive behavior. We will come to you and train your people at your facilities.

This program will astound you with useful information that will help you detect deceptive behavior/body language. It will help you maintain control of the interview at all times.

We believe in dynamic partnerships which makes us one of the best training organizations.

Learn from the best in the industry.

Learn to be more effective with others by developing an interview edge.

Body language has a meaning that few understand and most misinterpret.

I will show you the basic and advanced techniques used to interpret body language.

Nonverbal communication is the least understood and most important part of communication.

This course will take you through step by step so you can understand and detect deceptive behavior/body language.

Hinson Investigations offers a wide range of services that exceed the highest ethical standards while maintaining client confidentiality.

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