My training class, Techniques to Detect Deceptive Behavior, is an interactive, lively, in-depth 6 hour course where you will learn effective interview skills. My program has been approved for 6 CEU’s for insurance adjusters in the following states: North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Delaware, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Wyoming,

This PowerPoint program has over 60 video clips of deceptive behavior in actual interview situations.
My program is approved through the California Bar Association for 4 continuing education credit hours.
My program is approved though the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division for 6 CEU’s.
Attorneys interview subjects everyday. One of the most important skills necessary for them to be successful, is the ability to ask the proper questions. Asking thorough questions is a learned process. My classes teach attorneys how to be thorough and develop the art of getting to the bottom of a situation without being offensive.


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